First and foremost, we pride ourselves on the unique community we have forged among the students, families, and instructors at the United States Karate Academy.  It is the single most important aspect that sets us apart from the countless other schools out there.  It has a direct impact on our extraordinary retention rate and high level of client satisfaction.  There are many talented instructors and many beautiful facilities littered across Southern California, it is the relationships that matter in the long term.

How we develop our community:

Parent Karate Association – All parents of USKA students are invited to attend. These meetings are intended to discuss parental concerns, comments, and suggestions on how to make our Academy a better place. 

Parties – We are well known for organizing quality seasonal parties as a service to our students and their families.  In the spring and summer months we’ll hold ice cream socials and beach parties, Halloween costume festivals in the fall, ending with a formal holiday party complete with a year-end award ceremony.  We also hold monthly potluck dinners that rotate throughout different locations.

Mentorship – Entering a martial arts studio for the first time can be a very intimidating experience, advanced students seem to already know what they are doing and this can cause a beginner to feel lost and frustrated.  Therefore we hand-select advanced students to serve as mentors.  We then assign them to new beginners and match them up based on compatible personality factors.   Taking a student under their wing can have as many positive benefits to the advanced student as the beginning student.

Birthday Parties – Birthday parties are a great way for our Youth and Tiny Tiger students to show their friends their skills and talents in a fun-filled atmosphere.  Parties include a 30 minute class and obstacle course from a Black Belt Instructor.  Cost ranges from $150 to $300.  See Mr. Convento if you are interested.

Tournaments – Competition is an excellent way to improve your character and martial arts skills.  The goal of martial arts competitor is not necessarily victory, but developing the ability to overcome fear, set and achieve goals, and build confidence & self-esteem.  Cost ranges from $35 to $65 to compete in all events.

Character Development – USKA has invested in a world renowned character development program created by the Millennium Training Corporation.  These lessons are designed to build life skills that will dramatically improve the student’s personal, academic, and professional lives.   USKA strives to not only train excellent martial artists, but to also train excellent citizens in our society.