1st Gup Study Guide – Red/Navy Blue Belt


  1. What does blue belt represent?

    Maturity, Respect, and Honor. The blue belt is given to the Cho Dan Bo (Black Belt Candidate). The Cho Dan Bo must now prepare mind and body for the final step needed to attain Black Belt.

  1. Crane stance

    Han bahl je seh

  2. Cross leg stance

    Kyo cha rip ja she

  3. Low stance

    Choi ha dan ja she

  4. Low knife hand block w/ low stance

    Choi ha dan soo do mahk ki

  5. Stomp kick

    Chit pal Ki

  6. Ball of foot

    Ahp bahl gum chi

  7. Diagonal spear hand

    Bit kwan soo

  8. Horizontal spear hand

    Pyung kwan soo

  9. Headbutt

    Bahk chi ki

  10. Heel

    Dwi gum chi

  11. Push kick

    Chok do chi ru ki

  1. Push kick with bottom of foot

    Bahl ba dahk chi ru ki

  2. Naihanchi Cho Dan
    1. Original Name

      Nae Bo Jin

    2. Meaning

      Warrior on Horse Back

    3. Creator

      Master Chang Song Kye

    4. Date of creation


    5. Place

      Northern China

    6. Number of moves


  3. Bong Hyung Sam Bu
    1. Meaning

      Staff Form #3

    2. Number of moves