1. What was the name of the group of warriors who were instrumental in unifying the Koren peninsula as the new Silla Dynasty?

    Hwa Rang Dan Warriors

  2. Who the monk that originated the five codes?

    Won Kwang

  3. Who were the two Hwa Rang Dan Warriors who brought the five codes back from Won Kwang

    Kwi San and Chu Hwang

  4. What was the name of the first complete martial arts book?

    Mooyae Dobo Tongji

  5. What year was the Mooyae Dobo Tongji written?

    1790 A.D.

  6. What year did Master Hwang Kee organize the Korean Soo Bahk Do Association?


  1. How many charter countries were at the World Tang Soo Do Charter Convention in 1982


  2. Who were the 12 charter member countries?

    Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States, Venezuela

  3. Name the areas of the foot that you strike with.

    Ball, Bottom Heel, Back Heel, Instep, Arch, Outside Edge.

  4. Name at least 10 vital spots and where they are located on the body.

    (See Student Manual – page 31)




  1. Warm Up Exercise

    Choon Bee Woon Dong

  2. Hand Techniques

    Soo Ki

  3. Foot Techniques

    Jok Ki

  4. Testing Both Gup and Dan

    Shim Sa

  5. Testing Examiner

    Shim Sa Kwan Nim

  6. Plier Hand

    Jip Kye Sohn

  7. Ridge Hand Block

    Yuk Soo Do Mahk Ki

  8. Bassai
    1. Original Name

      Pal Che

    2. Meaning of Pal

      Selection of the Best Choice Fast

    1. Meaning of Che


    2. Creator


    3. Style

      So Rim Kwon Bup

    4. Date

      Mid to Late 16th Century

    5. Place

      Ha Nam Province of Southern China

    6. Number of Moves

      52 (including Choon Bee)

  1. Bong Hyung E Bu
    1. Meaning

      Staff Form #2

    2. Number of Moves