1. Who was Grandmaster Shin's instructor?

    Master Hwang Kee

  2. What year was Grandmaster Shin Recruited into the Air Force?


  3. What type of degree does Grandmaster Shin have from the Korea University?

    Master's Degree in Political Science

  4. What was the name of Grandmaster Shin's first organization?

    United States Tang Soo Do Federation

  1. Were was the first Gym located?

    Burlington, NJ

  2. To what approximate date can the Dobohk be traced?


  3. What does the RED belt represent?

    Blood, Life, Energy, Attention, and Control. The student's techniques begin to bloom and ripen.




  1. Humility

    Kyum Son

  2. Concentration

    Chung Shin Tong Il

  3. Respect

    Chon Kyung

  4. Focus of Eyes

    Shi Sun

  5. Stop

    Jung Ji

  6. Three Step Fighting

    Sam Soo Sik Dae Ryun

  1. Internal Power Exercise

    Neh Kong

  2. External Power Exercise

    Weh Kong

  3. Spiritual Power Exercise

    Shim Kong

  4. Low Block with Fighting Stance

    Hu Kul Ha Dan Mah Ki

  5. High Block with Fighting Stance

    hu kul sang dan mah ki

  6. Pyung Ahn Oh Dan
    1. Number of moves