1. What year was Grandmaster Shin Born?


  2. How old was the Grandmaster when he started training?


  3. What is Grandmaster Shin's Dan # ?


  4. What book devoted a full chapter to Grandmaster Shin

    20th Century Warriors

  5. What Kingdom is most famous for the development of the martial arts?

    Silla Dynasty

  1. What is the ultimate goal of Tang Soo Do?

    To become one with Nature

  2. Why do we practice Forms?

    To develop a strong spirit by always fighting and defeating your opponents in the mental battle.

  3. What are the five most important things when you practice Forms?

    Speed, Power, Balance, Focus, Kihap




  1. Senior Dan Holder

    Ko Dan Ja

  2. Your welcome

    Chun Man E O

  3. Self Defense

    Ho Sin Sul

  4. Staff


  5. Fore Knuckle Spear Hand

    Bahn Jul Kwan Soo

  6. Heel of Palm

    Jang Kwon

  7. Ridge Hand

    Yuk Soo Do

  8. One finger spear hand

    Il Ji Kwan Soo

  9. Two finger spear hand

    E Ji Kwan Soo

  10. Marching

    Hang Jin

  1. Low X block

    Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mah Ki

  2. High X block

    Ssang Soo Sang Dan Mah Ki

  3. Diagonal kick

    Bit Cha Ki

  4. Pyung Ahn Sa Dan

    1. Number of moves?


  5. Bong Hyung IL Bu

    1. Meaning?

      Staff Form #1

    2. Creator?

      Grandmaster Shin

    3. Date?


    4. Place?

      Philadelphia, PA

    5. Number of moves?