Name the Seven Tenets of Tang Soo Do:




                        Respect and Obedience

                        Self Control



Explain the Association Emblem:

6 Stars – Represents the six continents of the world and shows that Tang Soo Do is now world wide.

Um & Yang - Is the universal concept of opposing but complementary forces, and shows our Korean heritage.

Flying Side Kick – Represents the special and unique character of Tang Soo Do and the whole person concept.

Red Circle – Represents brotherhood and unity.

Globe – Means our organization covers the world.

Bottom Belt – Master’s Belt is the ultimate goal of all Tang Soo Do practitioners.

Practitioner – Mastering the Art of Tang Soo Do

What does the Orange Belt represent? 

New growth in the spring. Our Tang Soo Do knowledge beginning to reveal itself.

How do you say One Step Sparring in Korean?

Il So Sik Dae Ryun

How do you say Free Sparring in Korean?

Ja Yu Dae Ryun

What does Soo Do mean in English?

Knife Hand

What does Kwan Soo mean in English?

Spear Hand

What does Pahl Put Ki mean in English?

Center Punch Exercise

What does Choong Dan Soo Do Mah Ki mean?

Center Knife Hand Block

What does Ha Dan Soo Do Mah Ki mean?

Low Knife Hand Block

What does San Dan Soo Do Mah Ki mean?

High Knife Hand Block

How do you say Spear Hand Attack in Korean?

Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck

How do you say Straight Back Kick in Korean?

Dwi Cha Ki

How do you say Knife Hand Block Rev. Punch/Front Stance in Korean?

Yuk Soo

How do you say Knife Hand Block Rev. Punch/Fighting Stance in Korean?

Yuk Jin

How do you say Axe Kick in Korean?

Cchick Ki

How do you say Hook Kick in Korean?

Yup Hu Ryo Cha Ki

How do you say Wheel Kick in Korean?

Dwi Hu Ryo Cha Ki

What does Mirror Yup Cha Ki mean?

Stepping Side Kick

What does Mirror Yup Hu Ryo Cha Ki mean?

Stepping Hook Kick

What does E Dan Dwi Cha Ki mean?

Jump Back Kick

What is the original name of Pyung Ahn Cho Dan?

Jae Nam

What is the meaning of Pyung? 

Calm, Peaceful, Well Balanced

What is the meaning of Ahn? 

Safe, Confident, Comfortable

How many moves are in Pyung Ahn Cho Dan? 


When and where was Pyung Ahn Cho Dan created? 

Ha Nam Province of Southern China in 1870.  It was created by Master Idos.