1. What is the name of our art?

    Tang Soo Do

  2. What is the name of our organization?

    World Tang Soo Do Association

  3. Who is the Grandmaster?

    Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin

  4. What is his rank?

    9th Dan

  5. Who is your instructor?

    Sal Convento

  6. What is his rank?

    3rd Dan

  1. Name the five codes.

    Loyalty to Country

    Obedience to Parents

    Honor Friendship

    No Retreat In Battle

    In Fighting Choose with Sense and Honor

  2. What is the name of our studio?

    United States Karate Academy

  3. What does the White Belt represent?

    Primitive stage of achievement, the seed as it lies dormant beneath the snows of winter.




  1. Low Part

    Ha Dan

  2. Middle Part

    Choong Dan

  3. High Part

    Sang Dan

  4. Block

    Mahk Ki

  5. Attack

    Kong Kyuck

  6. Kick

    Cha Ki

  7. Front


  8. Side


  9. Back


  10. Low Block

    Ha Dan Mahk Ki

  11. High Block

    Sang Dan Mahk Ki

  12. Middle Punch

    Choong Dan Kong Kyuck

  13. High Punch

    Sang Dan Kong Kyuck

  14. Inside Outside Block

    Ahneso Phakuro Mahk Ki

  15. Outside Inside Block

    Phakeso Ahnuro Mahk Ki

  16. Two Hand Block Front Stance

    Chun Kul Ssang Soo Mahk Ki

  17. Side Punch

    Choong Dan Hang Jin

  18. Side Block

    Yup Mahk KI

  19. Two hand block fighting stance

    Hu Kul Ssang Soo Mahk Ki

  20. Front Kick

    Ahp Cha Ki

  21. Roundhouse Kick

    Tollyo Cha Ki

  22. Side Kick

    Yup Cha Ki

  23. Spinning Back Kick

    Dwi Tollyo Cha Ki

  1. Inside Outside Kick

    Ahneso Phakuro Cha Ki

  2. Outside Inside Kick

    Phakeso Ahnuro Cha Ki

  3. Jump Front Kick

    E Dan Ahp Cha Ki

  4. Jump Roundhouse Kick

    E Dan Tollyo Cha Ki

  5. Jump Side Kick

    E Dan Yup Cha Ki

  6. Grandmaster

    Kwan Chang Nim

  7. Instructor

    Sah Bum Nim

  8. Attention

    Cha Ryut

  9. Ready

    Choon Bee

  10. Gym


  11. Uniform


  12. Return


  13. Rest


  14. Belt


  15. Yell


  16. Form


  17. Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu

    1. Meaning

      World Tang Soo Do Form #1

    2. Creator

      Grandmaster Shin

    3. Date of Creation


    4. Place of Creation

      Philadelphia, PA

    5. # of Moves


  18. Sae Kye Hyung E Bu

    World Tang Soo Do Form #2