• What does Black Belt Represent?

    Mastery, Calmness, Dignity, and Sincerity. The Black Belt is the final stage of one life cycle and the beginning of the next. This is not only the end of one stage, but more importantly , the beginning of a path which leads up through the ranks of the higher black belts and true mastery




  • What is Moo Shim?

    Moo Shim is empty mind. This is a state in which one no longer thinks before they do something, the action is performed without thought. This is only possible when the mind and body are united as one unit which comes from many hours of training.

    For example, when you get into a car and drive somewhere that you have been to many times before, you don't think where to turn, when to stop, or when to go. You perform this action automatically without thought because your mind and body are one.

    Just think of all the things that you do with out thinking first. When you touch something hot you move your hand quickly; when something is thrown at you , you catch it or move out of the way; when you are walking and someone walking ahead of you stops, so do you. All of these things are done without thinking first. You can then consider Moo Shim (empty mind) action without thought.




    1. 360 Degrees

      Sam Baek Yuk Sip Do

    2. Breakfall

      Nak Bup

    3. Front Breakfall

      Ahp Nak Bup

    4. Side Breakfall

      Yup Nak Bup

    5. Back Breakfall

      Dwi Nak Bup

    6. Front/Side Breakfall

      Ahp Yup Nak Bup

    7. Spinning Knife Hand Attack

      Dwi Tollyo Soo Do Kong Kyuck

    8. Spinning Back Fist Attack

      Dwi Tollyo Kap Kwon Kong Kyuck

    9. Front Push Kick

      Ahp Poto Cha Ki

    10. Spinning Crescent Kick

      Dwi Tollyo Ahneso Phakuro Cha Ki

    11. Spinning Axe Kick

      Dwi Tollyo Cchick Ki

    12. Low Wheel Sweep

      Dwi Choi Ha Dan Hu Ryo Cha Ki

    13. Double Kick (Same Time)

      Ssang Bahl Cha Ki

    14. Double Kick (Separate Times)

      Yang Bahl Cha Ki