1.  Explain the meaning of Moo Shim and give an example.





2.  What does Black Belt represent?





3.  Write the following terms in Korean:

360 Degrees ___________________________________

Breakfall ___________________________________

Front Breakfall ___________________________________

Side Breakfall ___________________________________

Back Breakfall ___________________________________

Front/Side Breakfall ___________________________________

Spinning Knife Hand Attack ___________________________________

Spinning Back Fist Attack ___________________________________

4.  Write the following terms in Korean:

Front Push Kick ___________________________________

Spinning Crescent Kick ___________________________________

Spinning Axe Kick ___________________________________

Low Wheel Sweep ___________________________________

Double Kick (same time) ___________________________________

Double Kick (separate times) ___________________________________

Lung/Thrust ___________________________________

Knife Foot ___________________________________

Reverse ___________________________________

5.  How do you say Reverse Elbow Strike in Korean?

a.  Bandae

b.  Bandae Pahl Koop Chi Ki

c.  Chun Kul Bandae Chi Ru Ki

d.  Sang Dan Bandae Kong Kyuck

6.  How do you say Reverse Punch/Front Stance in Korean?

a.  Sang Dan Bandae Kong Kyuck

b.  Bandae

c.  Chun Kul Bandae Chi Ki

d.  Bandae Pahl Koop Chi Ki

7.  How do you say High Reverse Punch in Korean?

a.  Chun Kul Bandae Chi Ru Ki

b.  Sang San Bandae Kong Kyuck

c.  Bandae

d.  Bandae Pahl Koop Chi Ki

8.  What is Teul Oh Ahneso Phaku Ro Mahk Ki in English?

a.  Spinning Back Fist Attack

b.  Reverse Twisting In/Out Block

c.  Spinning Axe Kick

d.  Reverse Punch/Front Stance

9.  What is the meaning of Sip Soo? __________________________________

10.  When and where was Sip Soo created? __________________________________

11.  How many moves are in Sip Soo? __________________________________