Success Stories and Testimonials



                                       Another Happy Parent!                                           Happy Family!                                                                                                                           


As the Director of Sales for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, I am in contact with many businesses on a regular basis.  From what I have seen, the United States Karate Academy is in the upper echelon of corporations in regard to customer service, marketing, networking and business community leadership.  I am a regular member of their So Cal Business Alliance and have witnessed their rapid growth since their beginning in June 2007.  I would recommend the United States Karate Academy to anyone who is interested in improving their personal and professional lives.

– Robert Hacken, Director of Sales, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce


I don't have the greatest exposure to the larger martial arts communities, but from my experience I would assess USKA to be in a class of its own.  I am sure that there are other highly professional, disciplined, and intense martial arts programs in existence, but I would surmise they are the exception and not the rule.  I think the students at USKA should understand the advantage that they have in their training environment and the level of instruction and mentorship that they are receiving.  There are certainly many black belts, masters, and schools throughout the So Cal region, the US, and the world, all offering different techniques, skills, and values.  I imagine that the few of us in the group that have been exposed to other training environments would concur that USKA is simply a better experience.  Not better because of the WTSDA style, or because of USKA's new facilities, or the location, though these are certainly positive attributes.  It's better because of the camaraderie, community and dedication imbued by you guys running the show.  USKA may not be for everyone, but for those individuals that want to push themselves, develop with others, and become a better part of society, it's the only way.  

 – Commander Jack Downes, United States Navy, Senior Adult Student


My family has been fortunate to be involved with the activities at the US Karate Academy. Mr. Convento and his staff give us a great service, at the same time they have created a big family that helps the students feel proud of their achievements at the Academy. My son Diego, has made an amazing progress with them and at the same time the service they give us is first class. Thank you all.

– Paz y Puente Family, Family of a Senior Youth Student


I have been a student at the United States Karate Academy for 18 months.  I have Multiple Sclerosis.  I wanted a workout facility with instructors that pushed me beyond what "I thought" I was capable.  I found that here.  I am always pushed beyond my comfort level, but to my abilities.  I have the most sincere respect for the instructors and staff at USKA.  I am honored to be a part of this Dojang. 

– Shauna Woodward, Adult Student


My family has been involved in the United States Karate Academy for the last 9 months.  Our 6-year old son began taking Tiny Tiger classes and since then, our 3-year old has also started taking classes.  My husband followed shortly after that, and I  began taking classes in February.  I am so pleased with everyone on the staff.  Mr. Convento and Mr. Yahner show exceptional patience with the Tiny Tigers.  Their knowledge of Tang Soo Do is incredible and my sons have already learned so much.  They consistently demonstrate kindness and compassion to every student under their instruction.  Thanks to that dedication, my family now has a hobby that we all enjoy and we find ourselves spending a lot of time together as a family.  That is no small feat.  The time we spend in the studio is very important to us.

 I was very nervous about starting classes.  I am 35 years old and after two children, I am not in the shape I once was.  The staff has been incredibly patient and understanding with me.  Mr. Cerezo has been a wonderful instructor.  I thrive on learning by repetition.  I enjoy doing the basics over and over and he is very focused on us learning the right way, even if it takes time.  His encouragement is genuine and he inspires us to try our best in every class.  In the few short months that I have been attending classes, I feel better and my self confidence has increased.  My husband has also gotten so much out of the classes.  I love when my husband and I get to do classes together.  

 The United States Karate Academy has been a wonderful part of our family for the last 9 months.  We look forward to many happy years together!

– Barbara Noriega


My family and I are really enjoying the lessons.  Matthew is coming along and I know in the long run, this will truly benefit his development.  Mike and I already see the positive changes in James and Matthew.  We thank you and your staff for all your guidance and tutelage in this exciting new journey for our family.

– Connie Fayad, Youth Class Parent


As a senior citizen with osteoporosis, my initial goal for joining the United States Karate Academy was to improve my overall health.  Taking karate was eminently preferable to joining a gym and doing repetitive, boring exercises.   Mr. Convento and his staff never once implied that I was too old or incapable of perfecting martial arts skills.  Due to the encouragement of my instructors, my goal changed from improving health to earning a black belt in three to four years.  They instilled in me a true love for Tang Soo Do.

Although I was awkward and uncoordinated in the beginning, all the instructors complimented every tiny success or improvement in my learning karate.  Their concern, patience and support helped motivate me to work harder to excel and discipline myself to learn the basics needed for promotion.   My instructors challenged me to not only learn the forms of this martial art but also how to spar.  At this stage of my life, it is very exciting to have something to work toward and at which to excel.  Learning Tang Soo Do balances the spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects of my life.

The United States Karate Academy has a success-oriented environment.  All the instructors are professional and enthusiastic about teaching Tang Soo Do karate to all age groups.  They expect everyone to work hard and succeed.  It is refreshing!

Susan E. Townsend, Small Business Owner


USKA has been a wonderful blessing for my 16 yr. old son, Richard. When Richard started taking classes here 18 mos. ago…he was very thin, wobbly and much less sure of himself.  Mr.Yahner, his first teacher, was a great inspiration right from the start.    

Since entering the adult evening classes last June, his confidence and overall outlook greatly escalated. Working out with these dedicated men, women and teens really has made a difference in his life.  And the respect showed to flag, to country, to the art, and to one another means a lot to me as a parent and as an American. 

Mr. Yahner’s encouragement for Richard to start on a workout routine at home with exercise and weight lifting was taken to heart. 

Thanks so much to you all:  Mr. Sal Convento, Mr. Tom Yahner, David Rangel (who’s always been there to listen and encourage), Greg Cerezo (one of Richard’s favorites), “Chief” Hunnewell, Chris, Seth, Lindsay (even Patrick dePriest who’s moved away), and all the rest here at United States Karate Academy who’ve been such good friends, helpers, and role models of the best sort to my son. 

Today, Richard has advanced to 4th Gup Brown belt. He’s grown in self confidence and doesn’t let peer pressure affect him when in school. He’s on his way to becoming quite an independent thinker. He’s developed his own workout routine at home and takes this time seriously. He pays attention to what he eats. He’s picky about his friends and opinions. 

Richard, a strong fire and bright light in today’s world…so much thanks goes to Mr. Sal Convento, a Chief Instructor with a big, strong heart; fine leadership training, and MANY words of wisdom …and one who definitely NEVER gives up! 

– C. Angie Cajka


The United States Karate Academy is an organization that I’m proud to have in San Diego.  They consistently encourage the youth in our community through their positive role modeling in class and their reinforcement of responsibility throughout the youth classes.  They also strive to be part of the community and provide healthy activities for the youth to be part of outside of class time.  The staff takes the time to talk to both the parents and the students and inquire on their well being.  The community would be a better place if more organizations had the professionalism and compassion of the U.S. Karate Academy.  

– Keith and Liz Miles