Welcome New Student! 

Welcome Parents and Students
This series of videos will explain the basic foundation of how our school can help you have the best martial arts training and education.

How to Tie Belt

Your belt represents your progress towards earning a Black Belt and Beyond. Watch Master Sal Convento show you how to tie your belt in the most disciplined and professional manner.

New Student Attendance

This video explains how our attendance is track on a daily basis.

New Student Attendance Stripes

This video explains our striping system in detail to progress to the next belt level.

New Student Schedule

This video explains how our schedule is laid out to attend 2x per week with A Day and B Day difference of what each class will go over.

New Student Book

This video explains why Master Convento wrote this book, the benefits of martial arts training, and his philosophy of martial arts as an education.

New Student Belt Testing

This video explains how students progress to the next belt rank.

Yellow Folder!

The yellow folder provides an overview of our program and what we do to provide parents and student’s the best martial arts training and education.

New Student Yellow Folder Overview

Overview of the Yellow Folder. Each video explains in detail each piece of paper in order to maximize your best martial arts experience.

New Student Yellow Folder 1

New Student Yellow Folder 2

New Student Yellow Folder 3

New Student Yellow Folder 4

New Student Yellow Folder 5

New Student Yellow Folder 6

New Student Yellow Folder 7

New Student Yellow Folder 8

New Student Yellow Folder 9

Continuing Your Black Belt Journey!

These series of videos will explain (Special Winning Attitude Team SWAT, Assistant Instructor Training program AIT, bein a Very Involved Parent, Vacation policy, and Ways for students to enjoy our community parties/events throughout the year!

New Student SWAT

This video explains how our Black Belt Leadership program works much like a military organization. This will teach the basic fundamentals of leadership in action.

New Student AIT

This video is all about how you can become a certified Assistant Instructor and Certified Instructor in our school. Master Convento has created a Leadership program based on U.S. Naval Academy, Military experience, and Master’s degree program.

New Student VIP

This video explains the importance of a Very Involved Parent leads to a student who will become a Black Belt and Beyond in our program.

New Student Vacation

This video explains our vacation policy.

New Student Party

This video explains the many events and parties we provide throughout the year to enjoy our sense of community and belonging.